We are

We are creative producers, photographers and writers Lana Noir and Helen Stubbs.

We’re excited about art, exploring aspects of life deeply, delving into who we are, and taking that apart through art.

Through our immersive experiences we invite viewers to lend themselves to the drama, to feel a part of the performance.

Coming soon: Beauty Regime. What is it? More than just a treatment, a clinic or a corporate academy, it’s a way of life.

Welcome to the Beauty Regime, Interns.

Nobody sees Her face and lives.

This work emerges from the sensation of longing for beauty. The space between what we see, what we are, and what we want to be. We thrash out themes of internal and external beauty, obsession and mimicry. We dissect that discomfort in a noir story in which HER, the Beauty Regime’s President, has just been murdered.

Landa discovers the crime and assumes HER role, stepping into her shoes, her shadow and her danger. Landa calls on her old friend Charlie, a private detective, to help her solve (and survive) the crime.

But the first grisly discovery leads to many more. To get to the truth Landa and Charlie must slice deep into the Beauty Regime’s necrotic layers. There they discover truths darker than they ever imagined …